Solutions Overview

We offer packaged and custom hardware and software solutions developed from experience helping our clients over the past 28 years:

Cloud Backup solutions - for server, workstations, websites, home or mobile: we have options for multiple, tiered and redundant backups.

Website and Web Applicatoin managed hosting solutions - highly available, secure, managed hosting; intranet and Sharepoint support; single servers; clusters; DevOps-supported, private and public cloud options. We use multiple platforms to suit your needs including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Pantheon, Rackspace, Canadian and local data centres.

Office 365 solutions - upgrade your email and keep your calendar and contacts in sync across all of your devices. Plans start at $5/user/month.

Contact management solutions - web based or in Microsoft Access

Active Directory sync tools - custom created to accommodate a wide range of uses

WordPress development and support - we create custom themes, fix broken themes and plug-ins, upgrade and maintain dozens of WordPress sites

Drupal development and support - we create, maintain and upgrade Drupal 6 and 7 websites.

MailChimp API integration - automated upload, segmented list creation and mail out, able to be scheduled or run on-demand

Corporate Meeting Minutes software - create meeting agendas and convert them to minutes complete with record attendance, voting, movers/seconders.

AGM Resolutions software - enter, track, view on projectors and amend live on-screen during your AGM, following through to reports and website updates post-convention. Our software helps organizations stay accountable to their members.